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Rick Riordan. Una bicicleta como la de Sergio. Maribeth Boelts. Un nuevo hogar. Tania de Regil. No Dejes Que Desaparezcan. Chelsea Clinton. What Pet Should I Get? Spanish Edition.

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Lizards were exposed randomly to 11 treatments in feces experiments. Sentences in lower-level books are written with repetitive structures, while higher-level books incorporate pronouns and grammar skills for more advanced students. Comes from chorizo which means chorizo. Bringing Up Multilingual Kids. Rodeo Rodeo From "rodear", to go around. Translations by Monique Palomares.

Ten Apples Up on Top! Brown hace Muuu! Brown Can Moo! Can You? Horton Hears a Who! Klaus Hagerup and Lisa Aisato. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. The crusty hole-in-the-wall bars in the old part of town were abuzz, absolutely jam-packed with people. Around midnight it finally started to cool down. A slight breeze picked up. After a couple more beers we started coming back to life.

I took that with me to London a few years ago.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Sona called one day. I painted the place about a year ago. This is more like it. What the hell is that?! Who is the old man? Is he the mayor? Is he a priest? Is he an expert on lizards? From the bits and pieces of the interview that were audible, I believe the legend of the lizard of Calzadilla goes something like this: Roughly years ago there were a lot of reptiles in the area.

Poco a poco. Bit by bit. Things got a bit hazy after that… At 4 a. The dates are good! Not expired! We offered to buy him a beer. Lizards were released in the enclosure opposite to the rock. The number of TF to the rock was recorded during 10 min after the first TF to the rock. Observations were made from behind a curtain, and data were recorded using The Observer software Noldus If temperatures were not within two degrees of L.

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Additionally, if lizards retreated under the rock or failed to show TF within 20 min, trials were canceled and postponed to a latter date. Lizards were tested every other day. Experiments with secretions of precloacal pores were started one week after extraction to avoid potential stress caused by manipulation. Females were submitted to a total of 11 different treatments, and males to 13 treatments. Each lizard was tested only once, except when a trial needed to be repeated.

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At the end of the study, animals were returned in good conditions to the field. Data for males and females were pooled since they showed non-significant differences. Because data were normally distributed and had homogeneous variances, one or two-way repeated-measures ANOVA tests followed by a posteriori multiple comparisons using Tukey's HSD test were used Zar One-way ANOVA was performed to determine effects of treatments own samples, from cosexual, and solvent on TF in experiments with intact feces and precloacal secretions.

Two-way ANOVAs were used to compare: 1 TF in experiments of fractionated feces with treatments see above and fractions as factors and 2 TF of males when factors were the source of stimuli feces or precloacal secretions and treatment same as above. During the experiments with feces fractions two lizards escaped, so the final sample size was reduced to Mean values of TF ranged between 6. Rocks were covered with suspensions of feces in water. Treatments were rocks covered with suspensions of own feces, or that from conspecifics of the same sex as the lizards tested cosexual , or with distilled water control.

Test period lasted 10 min. Las rocas fueron cubiertas con suspensiones de fecas en agua. Males showed similar TF to rocks covered with own secretions and secretions from another male, and in both cases less TF than to rocks with solvent Fig. Males showed higher TF to rocks with solvents than with extractions of precloacal secretions or suspension of feces. As shown in Fig. No differences were found in TF performed to rocks with different solvents. In addition, males confronted with rocks with their own stimuli made no distinction between their source.

Treatments were males tested with rocks with their own samples, samples of other males cosexual , or solvent control. Los tratamientos fueron machos enfrentados a rocas con sus propias muestras, con muestras de otros machos cosexual , o con solvente control. Additionally, different authors have proposed chemical self-recognition when lizards show fewer TF under conditions confronted to their own stimuli than with those of conspecifics e. The experiments with intact feces of L. One of the main functions attributed to self-recognition is that it may facilitate identification of territorial boundaries Alberts a , which may reduce agonistic interactions among individuals.

In the case of L. Some results with intact feces may be considered counterintuitive at first glance, e. Since in this study we did not include other types of parameters that may be important to detect discrimination, we can not rule out the possibility that lizards do in fact discriminate between cosexual and water.

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El Lagarto del Sotano (Spanish Edition) [Bob Keeshan] on bacejany.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Spanish version of Alligator in the Basement. El Lagarto Sonador/the Lizard Dreamer (Spanish Edition) [Marta Osorio] on bacejany.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Age Range: 9 and up Hardcover.

Alternatively, it may be hypothesized that there may be constraints e. Many vertebrates use feces as visual and chemical signals to mark their territories, and sometimes the chemical effect is reinforced using urine Alberts b. Lizard feces contain digestive and urinary products, and may constitute chemical but also visual signals e. However, the experiments performed with L. Thus, feces were presented as suspensions, and experimental light conditions did not allow UV reflection from feces, as has been reported earlier Alberts Interestingly, lizards usually drag their cloaca after defecation A.

Labra unpublished results. The question whether feces are also used as visual signals by L. The main type of molecules involved in chemical communication in squamates is still under discussion. While Alberts et al. The latter results are consistent with the lipidic nature of the vast majority of insect pheromones e. The isolation of individual pheromones from a mixture showing pheromonal properties may be carried out by subjecting the mixture to chemical fractionation Font , Bull et al.

El Lagarto, Almeria

The results of subjecting feces of L. Additionally, there was no difference between TF towards rocks with own and cosexual feces fractions. It is unlikely that the separation procedure employed chemically transformed and inactivated a single pheromone.